Kids' Committee

There are two representatives from Classes 3, 4, 5 and 6 on Ingleton Primary School Kids' Committee plus our Head Girl and Head Boy. In 2017/18 the committee comprises:

  • Matthew and Maddie from Year 2
  • Ella and Kai from Year 3
  • Tom and Jessica from Year 4
  • Finley and Hazel from Year 5
  • William and Katie from Year 6
  • Thea and Luke as Head Girl and Head Boy from Year 6

We meet regularly with Mrs Colledge, but when there is something particular to plan like the Christmas Fair or the Farmers' Market we meet every week. We give feedback to our classes in 'circle time,' often with Mrs Jeffery and let them know what we are busy with. We also pass information on to the Key Stage 1 teachers, so everyone in school has an input with the Kids' Committee.