Before & After School Care

"Early Morning Club" is run by Mrs Denby and operates in the hall from 7.50 a.m. Bookings can be made via the office and payments (£3 per session) are made via ParentPay. Pupils bring a packed breakfast to eat with us. They then play games or complete homework before joining their classmates to start a school day.

We also work in partnership with a number of local childminders. Parents drop off and collect their children from the childminders' homes and then the childminders bring pupils to and from school.They also support families during holiday periods and are fully involved in school events. Contact details for Ingleton based childminders (Sue and Dianne Coates, Sue Lis, Sue Huck, Betsy Skidmore and Hannah Park) are available from the office.

In the children's section of our website you can find out about the after school clubs we run.

We have a policy which explains our expectations and routines to keep pupils safe at the end of the school day.